Day 29 – Carry-on Baggage

I’m always attracted to men that are approximately the same level of attractiveness as me, about the same level of intelligence as me, have a similar sense of humour and at least a few shared interests. What I’ve always neglected, though, is our emotional compatibility. In fact, it’s never even been something to cross my […]

Day 25 – An Obstacle

Today was spent thinking about the musician…and stopping myself from thinking about him. The plan was to go to class, concentrate on my work, and NOT to contact him. At least I didn’t contact him first. He sent me a text, an image actually, of a sign he saw. It said: “Believe in yourself, and […]

Day 19 – Childishness

I was listening to a podcast this morning about BPD, called Survivor Radio Cafe. In it they interviewed AJ Mahari, a counsellor and recovered BPD’er. There was some really good stuff in there, that I’d like to share. -The first thing to remember is that we are already survivors. We’ve been abused and abandoned, but […]