Day 32 – Ex by Proxy

I’ve had a busy day at college and my head is swimming with assessments, so I don’t have a great deal to write about today.

I was speaking to one of my classmates, who mentioned he is newly single and that his ex-girlfriend won’t stop harassing him. I had to ask him, “Are you answering her questions? Maybe she needs some closure,” to which he replied, “Yes, but she’s just not getting it. I tell her the same thing everyday.”

He began going into detail about the details of their breakup, and everything he described sounded just like my recent breakup. The way she acted sounded exactly like me, and his reaction was exactly like my ex’s.

I explained to him about my disorder, and how it sounds a lot like she may be dealing with the same stuff as I am. He was very open and understanding, but said he just didn’t know how to cope with it, and he couldn’t be her knight in shining armor as she wasn’t willing to seek treatment.

It made me sad to hear. Sad for her. But I understood his perspective.

It was a bit like having a chance to talk to my ex about it. I know it’s not the same, but it helped me a little.

He told me that I seem so nice and normal, and that it’s great I’m getting help for my problem because it seems to be working. I’m happy that he was able to see that people with BPD can improve and shouldn’t be written off.

Score one for BPD’ers.

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