Days 58-60 – Two Thirds Through

Today is the first of October; 60 days into my 90 day challenge and the end of my self-imposed period of being single.

There have still been a lot of ups and downs, but I’ve learnt so much. Now is the time to really focus on putting it all into practice.

These are the things I will be practising for the next month (and probably for the rest of my life):

-Not indulging in thoughts that will cause me to spiral into destructive thinking/acting.

-Getting my emotions under control before they take over.

-Not acting based on my emotions, but on my values.

-Changing the language I use with myself.

-When I get into a low mood, consciously work to change it, while reminding myself that it will pass.

-Reminding myself that being alone sometimes won’t kill me, doesn’t mean I’m a failure as a human, and is actually necessary for my own well being.

-Being aware of my triggers, and using rational thought to counteract them.

-Not having expectations about people or situations, or if I do, to not rigidly stick to them.

-Calming myself down when I become anxious so that I am able to formulate a solution to whatever it was that caused the anxiety.

-Being happy for others, and for myself.

-Acting based on what is best for me and others, and not what the selfish child in me wants.

-Making decisions and learning to trust myself.

-Nurturing my interests, hobbies and friendships.

-Not relying on a partner for all my emotional needs or to solve my problems.

-Empathising with others so that I may understand their actions, and be more forgiving.

-Being flexible to change and not being attached to a certain situation.

-Realising that happiness is not meant to be a constant state and to be content with and grateful for the moments of bliss that I am gifted with.

There is probably more, but that is a pretty long list already and a lot to work on. I am confident that I will get there, maybe not within the 90 days, but eventually. Everyday I get a little closer, even taking my steps backward into account.

I think I’m on the home stretch 🙂

4 thoughts on “Days 58-60 – Two Thirds Through

  1. that’s brilliant to hear! “Not relying on a partner for all my emotional needs or to solve my problems.” – and this, shows the full extent of your emotional maturity 🙂

  2. This is an excellent list, and you’ve reminded me of some areas on which I myself need to practice…especially the language I use with myself. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

    • Thank you for reading this 🙂 I need to re-read it constantly, or I become complacent. I had a bit of a tantrum today, and my language with myself was so negative. I still have so much to practice.

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