Days 72-73 – “Stop being such a spaz”

I watched The Sitter today, a movie starring Jonah Hill. It was a piece of fluff with a few good laughs, but one scene from the movie has stuck with me.

In a scene of particularly high tension, one character, a woman in her early twenties, began to freak out much in the manner that I do.  Another character, a little girl of about 8, looked at the woman dispassionately and said “Stop being such a spaz.” Taken aback, the woman was mollified and began to calm down.

I’ve been trying to find away to calm myself when I start to freak out or tantrum, and this method cracked me up. Providing I have enough presence of mind the next time it happens, I will try telling myself to “stop being such a spaz.” Hopefully it will be enough to derail my thought process and give me enough of a laugh to buoy my mood to a place where I can think rationally.

The earlier I can pull out of irrational panic, the closer I get to taking it completely out of my life. I do think I’m getting closer, the tantrums have become less frequent, less intense, and shorter in duration.

Here’s to being “spaz” free by 2013!



*My apologies to anyone who finds my use of the word “spaz” offensive. No offense is intended; I merely found the incongruity of a little girl using this word to reprimand and adult for their behaviour humorous.

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