Days 109-118 – Hectic

It’s been ten days since my last post; I never intended to go this long without posting, but life has been a little hectic lately. I found out I need to move last week and have been madly house hunting. I have just nine days now to find somewhere and move myself, my house full of furniture and my two cats.

At first I was so distressed that I just wanted to crawl in a hole until someone could solve all my problems. But now I can’t even remember what my other problems were, and I’m so excited about moving. I’m applying for a place tomorrow in a really cool part of town, with a new friend I made last week.

I’m feeling so excited about life right now and I’m actually enjoying being single, for possibly the first time in my life. I’m meeting people, seeing bands, having fun; these things were missing from my life for too long.

I have a few guys interested in me, but unfortunately not the ones I’m interested in. Life is so funny that way. There are actually three men that I’m attracted to right now, but they don’t give me any reason to believe they are attracted to me too. They are friendly towards me, so maybe they are.

But, this makes me think that I act differently towards men that I am attracted to, and this could be what is putting them off. I never thought I did act differently, but it’s happened so many times now that I must be. I don’t think it’s a question of attractiveness, as plenty of other men find me desirable. Men that I don’t flirt with, because I don’t want to lead them on. Perhaps this is why; maybe I’m just really bad at flirting!

As much as I hate to play games, I think I need to treat the men that I do want as though I don’t. I really prefer to be straight with people though, and I’m scared of missing out if I do try this. But, I need to also work out where it is I’m going wrong in my approach to men. So, it could be a fun experiment for the next few weeks, as I’m currently in no hurry to be in a relationship.

If there is no progress with at least one of them by New Years Eve, I think I will just lay my cards on the table. After all, a girl has needs 🙂

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