Day 153 – Thank You

I’m ok for now.

I don’t want to do a big post, but I just wanted to acknowledge those that took the time to let me know they were out there when I was feeling so low.

Thank you to charmedbylove, Aliz, Curtis, Thunder, Brett Crispin and abrokenlittlebird. Just the small act of commenting on my post helped me to feel less alone. Sometimes I feel like this blog is my only avenue for support, and knowing there are people out there hearing me can mean so much.

I know the holidays can be a hard time for a lot of us, so I’m sorry to those out there that I wasn’t able to be there for. I think the most important thing we can hold on to is that the hard times will continue to come, but they will pass again as they have before.

9 thoughts on “Day 153 – Thank You

  1. there would always be support provided for you. the rubbish moments will still be thrown at you, but the fact that you’re still here, shows your resolve and the will to rally back from unhappy moments. C’mon girl! ^_^

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