Day 330 – I’m not a bad person

Things have been very intense with The Onliner. Sometimes things are great and sometimes we fight when he thinks I’m playing games with him. Generally he’s very open with me and accepting of my issues, but for the past few days we’ve been struggling to get past them. I know he’s struggling with his own […]

Day 326 – Confronting the Devil, Part 2

Continued from Part 1 The message from The Onliner was brief, but the relief I felt was immediate and immense. This further indicates to me the depth of my problem. If a mere message from someone I’ve never met can pull me from the brink of suicide, that is not healthy. His message was that […]

Day 319 – Relapse

I got out of hospital yesterday after my second overdose. This has nothing to do with my “Friend with Benefits”. My relationship with him actually ended several weeks ago, mutually and amicably. We have remained friends, but without the benefits. The catalyst for this relapse? Someone I met online. We have yet to meet in […]