Day 378 – Love is…not always getting your way

I want to be special to someone. And I want someone special. I want to have adventures with that someone, and I want being with them to be an adventure.

I don’t buy into the whole notion that you have to love yourself before someone can love you. Or, you have to be happy within yourself before you can make someone happy. It’s such a cliche…the next person to use one of these lines on me gets a metaphorical punch in the mouth. I think people only say these things because they’ve heard it so many times they think it must be true. And it gives them something helpful to suggest, that seemingly you can work on. And fix yourself! And find true love! And live happily ever after! Roll credits!

I will never be perfectly happy with my life, or perfectly content with who I am. Is anybody? If I have to wait to become one of those people who doesn’t “need” to be in a relationship before I’m “allowed” to be in a relationship, then I may as well give up now. Because, I will never stop believing that I need to be in a relationship for my life to be full and complete. When I don’t have someone to share my life with, I can feel the hole. I think this is normal, even healthy. I think modern society is just trying to convince us otherwise, because being in a relationship means compromising sometimes and that is too much for some people to want to accept. Loving someone, and being loved by someone, means not always getting your way.

Deep down, does anybody really want not to be loved? To not mean something to another human being?

I think it is the natural state for human beings to want to be in a relationship. We weren’t meant to live alone. If we were then we would be able to procreate alone. I’m not an amoeba…I want a mate.

I’m not so broken that I can’t make someone happy, I just need to curb some of my relationship destroying behaviours. But I know what they are now. I didn’t before.

I’m not quite sure what the point of this post is. I guess I’m feeling a little lonely today, and I want the universe to know I’m ready to meet that person that I know is out there waiting for me.

I’m ready to not always get my way, in the name of love =P

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