Day 490 – Getting to the Bottom of Things

Yesterday was a relatively good day, although I did feel pretty anxious about my upcoming birthday celebrations this weekend. I was upset about not being able to find anything to wear that I felt confident in, but also scared that people wouldn’t show up, in particular The Suit. This morning I awoke to a message […]

Day 366 – “But I’m a Victim…”

My father called my mother to explain why he said what he said on our last phone call. He said it was specifically to get me angry, so that I could express my anger towards him, and then move past it. Well, I think it was a particularly shitty plan. It doesn’t work to make […]

Days 63-64 – On Being a Big Baby

Yesterday I didn’t get my way. And I had a tantrum. I’m not going to dignify it by saying it was a panic attack or anything like that, it was a tantrum, pure and simple. I was being a big baby. While it was happening, it felt so awful. I kept telling myself that I […]