Day 488 – Time to Stop Fighting

This is not a suicide note. Though I did think about it a lot today. Walking home from the city I have to cross a long bridge. It’s not high enough to kill me if I were to land in the water, but part of it is over a freeway. If I jumped from there I […]

Days 96-97 – Down up down

It’s funny, my mood still fluctuates quite a bit, but the range has changed. Some days I can’t believe how good I feel. On those days I feel like I’m just flowing with the Universe. I feel like everything is coming together for me, and I’m finally getting my reward for all the hard work […]

Days 65-66 – Taking Happiness as it Comes

Today I felt really happy. The weather was beautiful, and as I drove to my mum’s house, windows down, radio on, I noticed that I felt different. Happy. To be honest, it was a strange feeling after such a hard year. Of course, I know a large factor in my feeling this way is because of […]

Days 58-60 – Two Thirds Through

Today is the first of October; 60 days into my 90 day challenge and the end of my self-imposed period of being single. There have still been a lot of ups and downs, but I’ve learnt so much. Now is the time to really focus on putting it all into practice. These are the things […]