Day 95 – Unprocessed Emotions

I’m a little embarrassed about yesterday’s post, but what’s the point of having a blog if I am going to edit how I feel? It was a good example of posting about raw emotions that I hadn’t yet had time to process. I woke up today with the same feeling of, desperation I suppose. It […]

Days 89-90 – Not the End

Soooo, it’s been 90 days since starting this blog. Am I cured? No, not quite. Am I better? Quite a bit. Do I still have down days and hiccups? Yes. Am I disappointed? Not at all. I think I’m much closer to the realm of what are acceptable/average emotional ups and downs. Will I keep […]

Days 72-73 – “Stop being such a spaz”

I watched The Sitter today, a movie starring Jonah Hill. It was a piece of fluff with a few good laughs, but one scene from the movie has stuck with me. In a scene of particularly high tension, one character, a woman in her early twenties, began to freak out much in the manner that […]