Day 484 – I’m Not Even A Factor

This week my mind feels like a sludgey ball of tangled twine. It’s heavy, and I can’t pick out specific thoughts. I feel like I’ve done some damage to my brain. There is definitely some psychological damage up in there. The situation I am in is obviously too much for me to deal with. A […]

Day 370 – Group Therapy

Today I went to my first group therapy session. I had been on the waiting list since my latest hospitalisation almost two months ago, and had been holding out a lot of hope that I would get some benefit from it. I was told the therapy focused on reducing emotional discomfort and increasing the ability to […]

Day 319 – Relapse

I got out of hospital yesterday after my second overdose. This has nothing to do with my “Friend with Benefits”. My relationship with him actually ended several weeks ago, mutually and amicably. We have remained friends, but without the benefits. The catalyst for this relapse? Someone I met online. We have yet to meet in […]

Day 19 – Childishness

I was listening to a podcast this morning about BPD, called Survivor Radio Cafe. In it they interviewed AJ Mahari, a counsellor and recovered BPD’er. There was some really good stuff in there, that I’d like to share. -The first thing to remember is that we are already survivors. We’ve been abused and abandoned, but […]

Day 0 – Beginning

For half of my life I’ve been told I was depressed. I was diagnosed with depression at 16 and have been through many different anti-depressants, counsellors, psychologists and self-help books. I’ve even been to Peru to participate in ayahuasca ceremonies. But even with all this effort my mental well-being has steadily detoriated; unable to maintain […]